19 Nov

The greatest Christmas gift!

Yes, it’s November but let’s face it, Christmas will be knocking on our door quicker than ever! The greatest gift you could get a guitar player this year is a brand new guitar kit to build. We have a vast selection of electric kits and bass builds.

We are always building our stock and constantly looking for new guitar build ideas to keep all of our loyal customers happy. If you are unsure on which guitar kit to purchase for a Christmas present then maybe consider the Telecaster kit or if you’re looking for something a bit more creative maybe the Double Headed guitar build  🙂

As ever, if you need any questions answered or would just like a bit of advice on one of our kits, then drop us a line for a chat.

25 Jun

NEW! Guitar building advice section

Hello all you seasoned and new guitar builders out there!

We hope you’re loving our new website design and find it easier to navigate as you browse around our products. Also, we hope you have noticed some of our new range and are excited as us with the guitar building possibilities these new kits bring! Read More

26 Mar

New website design

For those with a keen eye you will have noticed that we have had a new web design. For paint-potthose who don’t have a keen eye, just to let you know, we have had a new website design! Read More

13 Feb

New Guitar Kits in Stock

As always, we have been busy beavering away trying our very best to bring you the most New guitar kitscreative, beautiful and cool guitar kits for you to get you hands on. We test and build each potential new kit before we bring it into the store, not all make the grade! Read More