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Finished Kits

Here we will display examples of customers finished guitar kits to give you some inspiration, its also a chance for you to show off your guitar kit building and finishing skills! If you have pics of your finished kit email them to us and we will be more than pleased to add them. Try and give us some commentary to add as well e.g. how its been finished. We love seeing the finished kits, it gives us a real buzz to see the guitars coming to life. It also amazes us how creative our Customers are and we keep seeing new finishes.

Customising and finishing your guitar kit really is what it's all about. You can swap out some hardware, change the tuners or put your favourite pickups in it. You can upgrade and customise the electronics or maybe cut your headstock in an unusual shape.


Stratocaster Style Kit - Finished in Danish Oil.

Strat style finished guitar kit

Strat kit back


 Rocker Style Kit - Finished in Black Nitro

Rocker Finished KitRocker front fancy


Jazz Style Bass Kit

Jazz Bass Finished Kit Front

Jass Style Bass Finished Kit


Les Paul Style Kit

 Les Paul Finished Kit Back