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Guitar Tuners

Guitar Tuners

At Guitar Kits we not only sell a wide range of guitars to build yourself, but we also provide quality, value for money guitar accessories such as guitar tuners. If you have chosen a Guitar Kit, then why don't you order a guitar tuner so that you can get playing your guitar as soon as you have built it!

A Chromatic guitar tuner cannot be simpler to use with you not even needing to press any buttons on the tuner to choose which note you are tuning to, with our Chromatic guitar tuners you don't need to change notes, just play the string and the tuner will tell you which note you are playing.

These guitar tuners can even be used for acoustic guitars, it is not just an electric guitar tuner thanks to its built in microphone which is used if you do not have an electric or semi acoustic guitar plugged into the tuners input.

Guitar Tuner

This is a Chromatic Guitar Tuner that can be used to tune all types of guitar including electric, acoustic, semi acoustic and all types of bass guitar. The guitar tuner can be battery operated using 2 x AAA batteries and can also be powered by a adap…