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Guitar Stands

We are proud to sell a range of quality guitar stands to cater for a single guitar up to a whopping six guitars! These guitar stands are sturdy and have padding in the right places to ensure your guitars stay as safe as possible. Our range starts from a single guitar stand to several multiple guitar stands including a three guitar stand, a four guitar stand and a six guitar stand.

Four Guitar Stand

Our sturdy four guitar stand will cater for up to four guitars of most types including bass guitar and electric guitar etc, or in fact a combination. There is plenty of padding for the neck as well as the base of the guitar to keep it safe.


Guitar Stand

This sturdy guitar stand can be used for all types of guitar. It can be used as an electric guitar stand, acoustic guitar stand or a bass guitar stand. The padding at the back of the stand helps to keep the guitar back safe from scratching. The '…


Six Guitar Stand

This is our six guitar stand that can be used for up to six guitars of varying sorts including electric guitars, bass guitars or acoustic guitars etc. There is generous padding on this sturdy guitar stand to give your guitars protection and keep them…


Three Guitar Stand

This three guitar stand can be used for up to three guitars which are stored side by side. There is ample padding for the neck of the guitars as well as their base to help keep your prized possessions safe. Most types of guitar can be kept on this st…