16 May

How do I choose a guitar kit?

Sometimes the hardest thing to do when building your own guitar, is selecting the right choosing your guitar kit type of guitar kit that suits you. It all comes down to taste and what style you are going for. I know a lot of guitarists who stay with the same style of guitar all through their playing career. If you just love one type of guitar, then my advice if building a guitar with a kit, would be to stick with that same style. Read More

24 Jan

Send us your guitar pictures!

We love seeing our guitar kits in action, it’s great to see your projects taking shape, so dropBuilding your guitar kit us some pictures of your guitar build in progress! We can post them up here on the blog and give them a mention around our social networks. Read More

03 Jan

Happy New Year from Elite Guitar Kits!

Happy New Year to all of our customers!

We hope you had a fine Christmas and we wish you all the best for 2015! If you were lucky happy new yearenough to receive one of our guitar kits for Christmas, congratulations! Hopefully you are already busy working away on your new guitar kit creation. Don’t for get, if you need any guitar finishing kits, check out our stock and see if you can find one that suits your style 🙂 Read More

13 Dec

Build your own Bass Guitar

No, we haven’t forgotten about bass players! Although the majority of our kits are based bass guitar kits around electric guitars, we do have a bass guitar kit section. We are always looking for new ideas and kits to add more choice for the bass players.

We currently have some classic bass kits such as the Precision bass style kit. This is a pretty cool kit and is ideal for anyone searching a bass kit that will produce a classic feel. Also it provides a blank canvas to really get creative and put your own style onto it. Read More