Build Your Own Guitar

Build your own guitar

Why build your own guitar?

Why bother buying a guitar kit and building your own guitar when you can just head out to your local music shop or use an online music shop to purchase a ready made guitar? Well guitar kits are not here to replace ready made models, in fact the exact opposite, they are here to compliment your collection. Using a guitar kit you can choose to try and replicate one of your favorite makes of guitar, what better way to get an understanding of a guitar brand by experiencing what they do when they produce stunning guitars. Another reason why lots of people buy guitar kits is to create something very individual, not only an individual look, but also a unique sound and feel, very important for a guitar player. By making adjustments and modifications you really can get a totally bespoke guitar made for your needs.

How about cost, is it cheaper?

In a word, yes much cheaper! Some of our electric guitar kits sell for under a hundred pounds. Check out this Telecaster style kit for £89.99  Of course you can add to the kit with your own separate additions and also really get creative with some stunning guitar finishing kits, also for sale on our website.

Will my guitar kit be reliable for gigs?

Our guitar kits are here to be used to the max! You can be fully confident that any guitar built from one of our kits will be around for a long time and stand any gig action you can throw at them!

Can a novice use the guitar kits?

Absolutely yes! The Elite guitar kits have been put together for a novice to expert guitar builder with full instructions included with any build. It is a wonderful way for any budding guitar or instrument maker to start creating stunning builds.

How long will it take to build?

That is down to you! How much time you give to your guitar kit is totally up to you. A project like this can either be something you do slowly and every so often or it can be done full time, obviously the project will be finished much quicker. There will be sanding, soldering and lots of effort and enjoyment in any guitar building project!