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Guitar Finishing Kits

Elite Guitar Kits are proud to be a supplier of the unique Wudtone finishing kits to complement our range of guitar kits. One of the huge advantages of choosing a Wudtone finishing kit to finish your guitar is that there is no expensive spraying kit or spraying skills that are needed. There is no spraying involved at all.

The Wudtone finishing kits, along with their easy method of application won’t add any more finish than is necessary. The finish itself has self levelling properties as well as being slow curing which all help to ensure a professional finish with excellent wear and tear. By not using any solvent based polyurethane and NITRO Cellulose lacquers which create a dampening filter to the natural resonance, feel and tone of the guitar, you will help to maximise the resonance, feel and tone of the guitar.

Using the finishing kits will not only enhance the natural beauty of the wood, but it also creates a breathable but hardwearing finish. The finish is also much easier to repair than cracked lacquers in the event that the surface is damaged.


Guitar Finishes

The finishing kits from Wudtone are extremely hard wearing and come with base coats and top coat which are formulated to meet the demands of the wood. The finish is microporous to ensure there is no cracking or blistering. The finish also provides complete protection against some of the guitars enemies like beer, wine, cola, coffee, tea, fruit juice, milk. water and of course the all important sweat.

Amber guitar finish


The base coats include pigments and/or dyes (depending on the finish colour option) . These are emulsified into waxes, natural oils and curing agents. Using the Wudtone finishing kit means no grain fillers or sanding sealers are required - oils, pigment and dye elements simply soak into the wood of the guitar during the application of the first couple of coats. Its very easy to feel how much is required - the wood itself will let you know how much is needed. For woods that are lighter like swamp ash, a little more will be needed as opposed to denser woods. As you apply the base coat you will notice less and less is required with each coating applied and you will be able to vary the density of the tint with the number of base coats (usually between two to five coats). The top coat for application includes more waxes and curing agents (between 2-5 coats are usually also applied).



Guitar Neck Finishes

There are several guitar neck finishes available including Colourless, Original Vintage Yellow, Aged Vintage Yellow and Vintage Amber.


These guitar neck finishing kits are also self-levelling leaving a real smooth beautiful finish. The kit includes in its elements an amount of classical oil based lacquer. Vintage yellow option incorporates Wudtones Goldenrod tint. Vintage amber option includes a tint that is made up from 50% Goldenrod, 50% Burning sun and will give that a real nice aged look after only 2/3 coats being applied. The classical oil based lacquer added to these kits really does make them ideally suited for use on denser woods such as maple. The kits are absolutely awesome at highlighting the special features in the wood such as birds eye maple or flaming.



Suitability for wood types and instructions

Check out the suitability table from Wudtone to help you decide on the best kit for your guitar. Instructions - check out the guitar body finishing kit instructions and the neck finishing kit instructions to see how easy it is to get a great finish. Please note we are only able to supply the Wudtone finishing kits within the UK due to postal restrictions.