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Guitar Build Advice

The following resources have been written to provide helpful general information in the building of a guitar kit as well as ongoing maintenance of your guitar. We regularly add additional guides which vary from starting to put the pieces of the guitar kit together all the way through to finishing your guitar and setting it up to ensure it sounds and plays fabulously.

Share your knowledge

If you consider yourself a gifted guitar builder, why not share some knowledge with our visitors. If you think there is an area we haven’t covered or if you can add to what we have already listed, please get in touch. Of course you will be credited as the source and we will happily link to your website if you wish!

Show the world your guitar build!

We love seeing our guitar kits built and finished. You can check out a few customer builds here. If you have a finished guitar kit that you would love to show off, send us over a few pictures and we will do the rest.
You could also join our new Google + group ‘The Guitar Players Den’ and post up advice and photos to the community.

Cutting Guitar Headstocks

You’ll notice that the headstock supplied with your guitar hasn’t been cut, it is what is known as a 'blank'. There’s nothing to stop you from leaving it how it is, but I’m sure you could improve it by customising the shape of it! Read more

Guitar Fretboard Oiling

If your fingerboard (or fretboard) is Rosewood (dark brown coloured wood) it doesn’t have to be varnished or lacquered, the wood is tough enough on it’s own. Read more


There are two major types of pickups that are used in electric guitars-single coil and humbuckers, however even though they are different there are some similarities between them. Read more

Choosing Scale Length

Not all guitarists take note of a guitars scale length when making a new guitar purchase, however it does affect a couple of areas when it comes to playability and tone. Read more

Choosing Guitar Woods

Alder guitar wood is generally grown in Russia, Europe and in some parts of Africa. The wood is a very popular choice for several reasons, one of which is its lighter weight when compared to some other tone woods. Read more